Bring Us Your Empty P.F. Candle Jars!

Introducing the Jar Recycling program, now at our Los Angeles shops! Return your cleaned, empty candle jars to our Echo Park or Culver City shops and receive a punch card towards a free candle.
  • 3 jars = 1 punch
  • 10 punches = 1 free Classic or Sunset candle of your choice!
  • Note: Currently accepting Classic glass candle jars and Sunset candle tins only. Must bring three or more jars to receive a card punch.

Shop Info:

Culver City // Open 11-7, Wed-Sun // 6144 Washington Blvd
Echo Park // Open 11-7, Every Day // 2205 W Sunset Blvd


  1. Remove all labels, then place the jar in your oven at its lowest setting to melt any remaining wax. 
  2. Carefully take your jar out of the oven and discard the melted wax.
  3. Pop out the wick holder using a spoon, and wipe the jar clean with a cloth.
  4. Hand wash, rinse, dry, + reuse! Perfect for planters, storage, + more.
P.F. Candle Co. Culver City LA | Jar Recycling Program


Can I bring in less than three candle jars?
Yes, you can, but we will only be offering card punches for returns of three or more. Three jars will get you one punch on your card.

Can I bring in other empty P.F. products (reed diffusers, room sprays, incense tins)?:
At this time, we are only accepting Classic and Sunset candle jars.

Do I have to remove the labels from the jars before returning?
Yes, we ask that all candle jars are completely cleaned out with all side and bottom labels removed before returning to us.

Can I bring in empty candle jars from other brands?
We will only accept P.F. Candle Co. jar returns.

Do you accept all P.F. candle sizes?
We are currently accepting all Classic candle jars and all Sunset candle tins.

What kind of candle can I redeem my full punch card for?
Once you’ve filled up all ten spots on your punch card, you may redeem it for one free Standard Candle or Sunset Candle of your choosing.

Can I return empty candle jars to the San Francisco shop?
At this time, our Jar Recycling Program is only available at our Los Angeles locations.

What will P.F. be using the recycled jars for?
Our in-house Development Team will be reusing all recycled candle jars for development samples and scent testing. Recycled jars will not be put back into our regular production line or resold to customers.

How else can I receive a punch on my card?
You will receive one punch on your card for every $20 spent in our Los Angeles store. $20+ = one punch, $40+ = two punches, and so on.

Do punch cards expire?
Nope! :)

I’m not in LA - Can I mail in my jars?
We are only collecting jars in-person at our Los Angeles locations in order to streamline the process and reduce the carbon emissions we’d anticipate due to shipments back to us.